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A husband, father, actor, director, and a climate change advocate with an eye out for on a better, brighter, cleaner, more hopeful future for all of us.
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Hi everyone. What better way to jump back in than with a message from the Parkland youth? Remember your first time?…
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From @MattxRed
@MarkRuffalo Save the date, save America - vote November 6th.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@MattxRed: 6 years ago, Putin had an ad encouraging young people to vote that also played on "first time". You can find it in a search. Did you & @AMarch4OurLives tell @MarkRuffalo you stole the idea from Trump's BFF?
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From @LauraVanVleet
RT @MarkRuffalo: Thank you @MMFlint! Focus: Why I'm Launching TrumpiLeaks @RSNNOW
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Moore's dim anti-Trump plans didn't stop him before. MT @LauraVanVleet RT @MarkRuffalo: Thank you @MMFlint! Why I'm Launching TrumpiLeaks
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@LauraVanVleet @MarkRuffalo: based on dim pre-election anti-Trump plans of @MMFlint why do you think his plans willl work now? #TrumpiLeaks