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National correspondent, NYT
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@campbellnyt @onesarahjones Important story. Great reporting. TY. Wonderful also to see so many of @maddiemcgarvey's photos. Love her work.
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.@johnedwinmason: @campbellnyt 's boss is one of the world's richest men & not unsurprisingly she pushes the NeoLiberal agenda (loose borders/free trade/globalism) that Dems used to oppose. She's not a journalist, she's just a propagandist for Slim.
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This story will stay with you. A powerful journey through the Lynching Museum in Alabama by @campbellnyt
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@edlavaCNN @campbellnyt .@WHNT is the only Huntsville station that covered the opening this week...we did 6 stories…
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.@PCBSNews19: FYI, @edlavaCNN treated Trump Wall like a viable idea. #CNN even had an animation! He & CNN could have really undercut Trump if they pressed Trump proxies on how the Wall was unimplementable, but they didn't do that. They in effect *helped* Trump.