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Proud Deplorable. Retired w/24 yrs AD Army.Conservative & support’g USA’s greatest modern day POTUS. Keep America Great! Trump2020! I LOVE America’s President!
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From @SteveKingIA
Over 60,000 DACA recipients arrested over the course of Obama’s unConstitutional program.
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From @Ianimmigrant1
@SteveKingIA This is a lie that can be easily fact-checked congressman. Stop trying to distract from the issue at h…
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From @MariaMo71609443
@Ianimmigrant1 @SteveKingIA Correction, illegal aliens, he did NOT lie, these are the ugly facts of DACA & Steve Ki…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@MariaMo71609443: I haven't looked into @SteveKingIA claim that 60k DACA were arrested in Obama admin, but King's bad news if you oppose illegal #immigration. Just look at his replies: if he were smart he'd use arguments that undercut Dem/MSM campaigns against him.