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Laura Bassett
Brooklyn, NY
Journalist writing about politics, gender, culture. Bylines in @washingtonpost @GQMagazine @marieclaire @instyle @huffpost / @pulitzercenter grantee. Send tips!
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From @apronman
@LEBassett @AOC maybe, but old white guy progressives like me aren't afraid of her, and are rather invigorated by h…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@apronman: "progressive" is a new name for an old condition. Replace you & @LEBassett referring to (your quote) "old white guy[s]" with "Jews", "gypsies", "Hutus", "Chinese", etc etc and then compare with propaganda from decades or centuries past. You won't find a difference.
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From @LEBassett
Why are conservative men afraid of @aoc? Because the age-old strategies some have used to undercut women's power--…
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From @howtoheretic
@LEBassett @AOC She was a bartender. She's had years of experience with sad, drunk old men who think she has to listen to them.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@howtoheretic: here's a fun activity if you aren't afraid of the results. In what @LEBassett writes, replace "old white males" with "Jews", "Hutus", "Tutsis", "Serbs", "Croats", and so on. Then, compare it to past propaganda against those groups. #HuffPost