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God Bless America
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From @dancow
Reporter: You've spent a lot of time in Texas? El Bloombito: Tejas, we'd say here Reporter: What'd you say? Blo…
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From @heckyessica
@dancow El Bloombito
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From @Carpetfrawg
@heckyessica @dancow It's Michaelo Bloombergo
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From @kevinfurr
@dancow As a Texas resident I can attest that we exclusively say Tay-Hoss. Yep. We all do. If you pronounce the X l…
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From @giufuliafa
@Carpetfrawg @heckyessica @dancow But @ElBloombito is already a thing and has been since I joined twitter when I wa…
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From @lwtweet65
@kevinfurr @dancow Native Texan, 4th generation, we do not say Tejas.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@lwtweet65: while a "Texas"/"Tejas" debate is interesting, I think you & @kevinfurr miss the bigger picture. Those like @dancow are paid to distract people like you from real issues. We need to have real discussions about real policy issues. TPTB do not want that.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@giufuliafa: @heckyessica hyping someone else's Trumpian schoolyard Bloomberg name is great fun, until you realize we're talking about running the USA with billions of lives impacted. It's time to Corinthians 13:11. Help discredit those who refuse to challenge pols on policy.