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Concerned citizen. Pro-civility. Anti-hysteria. Reject tribalism, heal the divide. Protect civil liberties. End the Middle East wars, bring them home.
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From @DanaBashCNN
Coming up at 11p ET/8p PT - I’ll moderate a #CNNTownHall with @TomSteyer tune in!
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From @LSmom9
@DanaBashCNN @TomSteyer Tulsi Gabbard is polling higher in NH than Steyer, Yang and Patrick yet was the only one no…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@LSmom9: what's much worse is that CNN has never asked a tough question, ever. My latest post has questions #TomSteyer would struggle with. If you ever find anyone who thinks @DanaBashCNN is a real journalist, ask them to compare those questions to her fluffballs.