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Utah, USA
Writer, Health Coach, Researcher. FB @afbranco @realjameswoods, @danaperino and great people. Put me on list w/o my permission, I🚫 you. I🚫 all porn too.
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From @hotfunkytown
RT @LoriinUtah: @AnnCoulter @hotfunkytown Ann what is your problem? I am sick of you pretending to be a Republican, and Trump supporter. Yo…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@hotfunkytown @LoriinUtah: In Aug 2015, I accurately described how the plans & arguments @AnnCoulter gave Trump wouldn't work. Want to help Trump & USA? Shame her into giving him my highly effective plans (like repatriation) & arguments (like my arguments against DREAM Act).