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A graphic designer interested in visual storytelling and art—chasing my imagination with the tip of a pencil... Completely horrified by Trump’s election.
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From @jonathanchait
Trump ordered his aides to harm CNN's parent company, stonewalled the investigation, and is still trying to intimid…
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From @nyckatyc
@jonathanchait Barr doing Trumps dirty work. Where’s the oversight over DOJ? @SenFeinstein @SenSchumer
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From @4edges
@nyckatyc @jonathanchait @SenFeinstein @SenSchumer Yes, it’s all up to Congress. The IG for the DOJ is expressly fo…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@4edges: Trump going after CNN - & @jonathanchait whining about it - *helps* Trump with his current/future base. Meanwhile, Chait is too dim & too fake to speak directly to MAGA & explain how Trump's signature issue would fail. That'd really undercut Trump but Chait is too weak