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Margie #IStandWithPelosi
Lindenhurst, NY
A die hard Dem, who ❤ peace ,equality & justice 4 all. Against greed, bigotry, racism & hate! ER RN who wants to heal the world! #DemForce #TheResistance #FBR
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From @Loca2733Mc
RT @bjcreigh: Seems like it was only yesterday the RWNJs were yelling about Twitter algorithms “silencing conservative voices.” I guess ce…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Loca2733Mc @bjcreigh: as the data at my top tweet shows, #Twitter heavily censors replies from liberals to Trump officials. It'd be smart of you to get those with megaphones to call out Trump, Breitbart, etc for lying. That'd also increase dissent to Trump officials.
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From @RoseFromPhila
RT @Loca2733Mc: Bloomberg, real billionaire,who got pd $1.00 to serve 3 terms as Mayor of NYC Knows Trump. Trump is a #conman!!!! https:/…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
You support a billionaire who wants to lower wages over one who says he won't? MT @RoseFromPhila RT @Loca2733Mc Bloomberg, real billionaire