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China (GOD help me!)
Every day, in every way, Wonderland seems saner and saner. "Don't be upset. Just point and laugh." RT/Like="interesting".
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From @Steve_Sailer
The Democrats’ plan has been to achieve one-party rule by using immigration to juice their vote totals while ginnin…
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From @dundreary
@Steve_Sailer "As Karl Rove’s Republican Brain Trust, egged on by their Democratic and media friends, repeatedly ex…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@dundreary: whenever I proposed smart ways to undercut mass immigration at @Steve_Sailer site, I've been smeared - with Sailer's help - by his fans. vDare has repeatedly refused to help with the smart anti-amnesty plan in my bio. Sailer's constantly enabled the pro-amnesty Trump