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Liza Vasquez
Moon By The Bay
#Jewish #Latina, #Mom, #LifeCoach, #Teacher, #TheResistance #Resist #Indivisible #LGBTQ Member:#ACLU #MoveOn #CountryBeforeParty, 'Blocked' by @SalenaZito
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From @LifeCoachLiza
.@mshields007 & .@JasonMillerinDC on @AC360 you can’t possibly believe that #WeThePeople are STUPID enough to buy y…
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From @LifeCoachLiza
@mshields007 @JasonMillerinDC @AC360 .@PaulBegala you know better. @realDonaldTrump knew. He’s just used to getting…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@LifeCoachLiza: if you want to send a message to Trump, undercut those like mshields007 *to Trump's base*. Trump needs lieutenants, w/o them he's powerless. Shields is most vulnerable to MAGA over his support for amnesty. Will you use that to help send a message to Trump?