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Asst. Prof. @Umichlaw. Con law & fed courts. Cohost @StrictScrutiny_ blogs @shalltakecare co-founder @womenknowlaw. tweets about enforcing the VRA & my dog 🐾
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Don't watch this show, still thoroughly enjoyed this ️ #Bachelorette take from @willapaskin
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@JeremyStahl @willapaskin @MelodyRowell
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@LeahLitman @JeremyStahl @willapaskin An absolutely perfect piece of writing about an absolutely perfect piece of t…
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.@MelodyRowell: in the past day, just one (1) person with over 1000 followers other than you has mentioned @JeremyStahl. His latest blog hilites yet another Trump lie, something his fans don't care about. What use is Stahl to holding Trump accountable?