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Laurie Garrett
New York, NY
Former Sr Fellow @CFR_org. Recipient of Pulitzer Prize, Polk (2Xs) and Peabody Awards. Author: IHeard theSirensScream, TheComingPlague, Ebola & BetrayalofTrust.
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From @Laurie_Garrett
Here's what happens when a celebrity is diagnosed with #COVID19 .... ...and here's what happens with #COVID19 is s…
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From @emzorbit
@Laurie_Garrett Wait until the therapeutics get approved. How many celebrities will demand a prescription “just in…
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From @jlmfbe
@Laurie_Garrett @MaxBoot We are all steerage passengers on the Titanic.
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From @cstmoore
@emzorbit @Laurie_Garrett I saw an interview on MSNBC with SOMEONE from Ventec Life Systems. They said that they ha…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
When are you going to realize your model is wrong? Clearly, being a fanboy for Garrett/reporters/etc didn't do you any good, did it? You have to start demanding performance from your leaders. MT @jlmfbe [we're #covid] steerage passengers MT @Laurie_Garrett
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@cstmoore: right now, urge/demand that @Laurie_Garrett urges/demands MSM reporters to really press Trump officials on specific plans to bring more ventilator production online. Lives are on the line, take the gloves off. Demand they do that or stop enabling them.