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Cigar smoking Christian golfer who plays poker while supporting the military and defending humor Trump2016. I also blow up balloons for events
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.@LatexEngineer: check out I tried to get KDScioscia to use smart anti-amnesty arguments so she blocked me.
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RT @LatexEngineer: @realDonaldTrump @AnnCoulter Heard Ann speak in Palm Springs and say Trump is our only hope for the next election, I'm s…
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.@KDScioscia @LatexEngineer: if only all America voted like an @AnnCoulter Kaffeeklatch! But, since it doesn't, smarter plans are needed.
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.@KDScioscia @LatexEngineer: only way for Trump to win is to broaden his message. Urge him to use etc.