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Ben Bergman
Los Angeles, CA via Seattle
Senior reporter, venture capital @dotLA. ‘18 Knight-Bagehot Fellow @Columbia_Biz. Ex @NPR @gimletmedia @KPCC. Poker grinder. Travel junkie. Seahawks 12th man.
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From @thebenbergman
My latest doc, on California’s poisonous pot pipeline, co-produced with @karenfoshay premieres tonight at 8pm on…
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From @KrisMul
@thebenbergman @karenfoshay @KCET Pix of the expense report plz
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@KrisMul: great, light-hearted joke about @thebenbergman being reimbursed for buying $1k of illegal pot for his documentary! On a serious note, has the mass illegal immigration #KPCC, #KCET, & #PBS strongly supports contributed to the problem (workers, distribution...)? Yes/no