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Richard Winton
LA attached to Iphone 24/7
LA Times crime & investigative writer(2011 & 2016 Pulitzer Prizes team) Dad/boyfriend/soccer fan/runner/hiker wannabe
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From @Hannahnfry
A 57-year-old man identified in court records as the longtime companion of Cynthia Beck was arrested Wednesday afte…
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From @jardallas
@Hannahnfry @latimes @jaclyncosgrove @LAcrimes @r_valejandra I've read some Yahoo comments over this incident stati…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@jardallas: I'm sure with 1000+ guns there's a few minor infractions. But, those like @Hannahnfry are mortified by the 2nd Amendment, & that's what this is about. Like if a "reporter" in backwoods Alabama found a neighbor who'd subscribed to The Nation. #RedsAndGunsUnderTheBed
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From @LAcrimes
Authorities disrupt alleged terrorism plot in Southern California w ⁦@JamesQueallyLAT⁩ . Developing story. #fbi…
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From @EdJoyce
@LAcrimes @JamesQueallyLAT An alleged domestic terror plot aimed at “multiple targets” in Southern California was d…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@EdJoyce: an earlier version of the @LAcrimes / ⁦@JamesQueallyLAT⁩ tale about Mark Domingo didn't give an info on the rally he planned to bomb; I had to look it up. Not surprising: Domingo's choice of a target was assisted by #LATimes, MSM, & #SPLC fear-mongering.