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Justin Lee Myers
West Blocton, AL
Paranormal Investigator, songwriter, Libertarian. #TwitterPhilanthropy
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From @JustinRaimondo
Not one word in the Twitterverse from "journalists" about attempted assassination of Trump It's all about Corey.
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From @Bamahellbilly
@JustinRaimondo @AnnCoulter the dude attempted to disarm officer, he didn't manage to attempt assassination.
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From @JustinRaimondo
@Bamahellbilly @AnnCoulter Earth to the clueless; He said he did it because he wanted to kill Trump.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Bamahellbilly: @AnnCoulter & @JustinRaimondo could make MSM cover Sandford more, if they were competent. Point it out to their fans.