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Kurt Pimentel
Dallas, Texas
CEO @ezforms, entrepreneur, D.C. native and lover of information. Keep it real and War Damn Eagle! Relax, it's only Twitter! l Thoughts are my own.
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From @jeffzeleny
"Yes," @PeteButtigieg says simply when asked whether @MikeBloomberg is trying to buy the election. The argument fro…
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From @Kurtpimentel
@jeffzeleny @PeteButtigieg @MikeBloomberg I think Pete is an empty suit but time will tell.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Kurtpimentel: all know Bloomberg tries to buy election, we don't @jeffzeleny ("enchanted")/Erin/Pete. When ezforms hires someone you ask them tough questions about how they'd solve problems, calling out the flaws in their ideas, right? Have Jeff/Erin ever done similar?