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One happy and proud Mom, wife daughter, photograpHER, nursing student at 50! Not throwing away MY shot! T1d Mama Bear & a very proud Swede 🇸🇪👩🏼‍⚕️
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From @parscale
Maybe it is time for @Nike to bring factories back to the US where quality manufacturing will protect our athletes.…
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From @MomRovin
@parscale @kayleighmcenany @Nike @realDonaldTrump Maybe it’s time for @SecretaryAcosta to resign. Most corrupt…
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.@MomRovin @schatia4: what's ironic is Parscale is taking the traditional Dem position, while those like Maddow stake out the NeoLiberal (loose borders, free trade, globalism) position. He's insincere, but those like Maddow get their fans to side with the Koch bros.