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@AP reporter covering nexus, yes, the nexus, of policy, resources and the environment. Former buro chief in Dakar, Baghdad and Cairo.
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This is terrible. The national parks are a national treasure, and we can't take care of them.
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.@colleenalmeida: if you need toilets, you're doing wilderness wrong. @KnickmeyerEllen thinks of National Parks like they were Disneyland when they're full of bears & trees & stuff. She's also very opinionated for a "reporter". Those like her have consistently *helped* Trump.
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News on how Superfund, national parks are faring? Suggestions for good people to follow on how the shutdown is affe…
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From @NPCA
@KnickmeyerEllen @EPA @Interior We've been covering the shutdown's effects on parks, park rangers, states, and gateway communities! @NPCA
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.@NPCA: @KnickmeyerEllen is extremely opinionated for a "reporter". That turns her into an advocate Trump fans/leaders can easily ignore. She plays right into Trump's hands. Also, do you hold it in when you're in the backcountry until you get back to the visitor center toilets?