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George Kittle
Iowa City, IA
University of Iowa Alum ➡️ San Francisco 49ers #VivaLaStool "Blood, sweat, and respect. The first two you give, the last one you earn." #Peoplestightend🐺
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.@KyleRudolph82 with one of the best one-handed catches of the year! @VIkings on top early. #SKOL : #MINvsDAL…
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From @kevinjdeal
@NFL @KyleRudolph82 @Vikings Sean Lee got torched more than once on that series.
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From @gkittle46
@NFL @KyleRudolph82 @Vikings
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From @aninsanemetsfan
@gkittle46 @NFL @KyleRudolph82 @Vikings TE Brotherhood
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.@kevinjdeal: compare real football to the pathetic joke that is kneeball. Kneeball is like real football for very slow big babies who need a committee to direct their every move. Long pauses after each play. Plus, culturally-corrosive violence and @NFL putting Ray Lewis in HoF.
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.@aninsanemetsfan: kneeball is like real football for special needs sociopaths. A politburo of coaches directs every move those like @gkittle46 makes. Very special squads have chance after chance to score. Real football has constant action & players who have to think.
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"Hey Quise, let's race to the end zone!" @gkittle46 was wired for sound in Week 8. Next up, the Raiders at home o…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@49ers @gkittle46: some criticize kneeball as being akin to wrestling, rugby, kabaddi, and gladiator movies, but I say 'more power to you!' If you like a sport where each play starts with a QB sliding his hands between the thighs of a bent-over player, *that's OK*.