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Kitten Holiday
North Carolina, USA
writer~lover~misfit #MAGA mix of Camille Paglia, Cameron Diaz and Mae West
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From @ScottAdamsSays
@kanyewest Count me on your side. I love where you're heading.
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From @DarkTriadMan
.@ScottAdamsSays @KittenHoliday For your consideration:
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From @MatsHeart
@DarkTriadMan @ScottAdamsSays @KittenHoliday Interesting dissection Ivan. You see a lot.
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From @DarkTriadMan
@MatsHeart @ScottAdamsSays @KittenHoliday Desperation is the mother of both ferocity and innovation. It teaches well.
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From @MatsHeart
@DarkTriadMan @ScottAdamsSays @KittenHoliday In your case it did. Respect.
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From @DarkTriadMan
@MatsHeart @ScottAdamsSays @KittenHoliday Thank you. I appreciate that.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@DarkTriadMan: re @ScottAdamsSays, what do you think of Puzder? Do you support amnesty too?
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From @DarkTriadMan
@24AheadDotCom_ @ScottAdamsSays I think Pudzer is a an excellent choice for Secretary of Labor. I think amnesty is risky.