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I support our President and the USA.
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From @KTHopkins
Imagine living in a time when a national newspaper revises its front page headline because the lefties can’t handle…
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From @BastiMahler
@KTHopkins @NYT I stand behind TRUTH! I stand with the PRESIDENT! WWG1WGA ..even though I am from Munich/GER.
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From @ChatByCC
@KTHopkins @realDonaldTrump @NYT New York Times is an utter failure. A complete disgrace.
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From @DeanObeidallah
@KTHopkins @realDonaldTrump @NYT Here's more on Trump's BFF Katie Hopkins who Trump RTs: She blamed the Rabbi at th…
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From @real_defender
@KTHopkins @realDonaldTrump @NYT The NYT is an absolute disgrace that caters to liberals and wants to make them hap…
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From @Tackspayer
@KTHopkins @realDonaldTrump @NYT Imagine living in a time when an illegitimate American President feels comfortable…
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From @rdsanchezjr
@DeanObeidallah @NYT Be careful Dean! My good buddy Dane w/verified account called Hopkins out and he was permanent…
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From @Kitastep1
@Tackspayer @KTHopkins @realDonaldTrump @NYT Calling (parroting) President Trump a racist is silly and only demonst…
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From @Ann00608254
@BastiMahler @KTHopkins @NYT You cannot say you stand behind Trump and the Truth... it is like saying I stand behin…
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From @Dantegigas1
@Kitastep1 @Tackspayer @KTHopkins @realDonaldTrump @NYT Name calling is weak - yet Trump followers cackle as he cal…
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From @KimmeyJameson
@Tackspayer @KTHopkins @realDonaldTrump @NYT I love Trumpland, if you don't like it move!
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From @daj1129
@ChatByCC @KTHopkins @realDonaldTrump @NYT Apparently they are failing really well. They just announced that they n…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@rdsanchezjr: @DeanObeidallah isn't "calling out" Katie Hopkins, he's just smearing her & opposing open debate. There's a way to undercut Hopkins *to her base* for cheering Trump's post-El Paso speech, but Dean - just like Trump - is only capable of pandering to his fan.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@daj1129: Trump & his megafans like @ChatByCC are incredibly bad for the USA, but so too is the NYT. They're owned by a billionaire & they push the billionaire agenda (loose borders, free trade, globalism). That includes deceiving people like you.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@real_defender: if the NYT were nicer to Trump, he'd slobber all over them & ignore all the times they've misled about non-Trump issues. I've undercut NYT where it counts dozens of times: *to their base*. Name even one case where Trump has even tried the same.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
There are ways to undercut Trump to his base (like Mr. Whiskey). Obviously what you're doing doesn't work, right? You got the smears from Maddow etc. Are their smears effective? RT @KimmeyJameson [to trite, dim @Tackspayer smear] I love Trumpland, if you don't like it move!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Dantegigas1: name-calling, cheap childish stunts, attempts at censorship, etc. are all #TheResistance has ever done. The Resistance has constantly *helped* Trump. They haven't even risen to the level of realizing they're completely incompetent. If you care, help change that.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Ann00608254: Trump, MSM, Dems, etc all reflexively lie. I call all of them out. How about you?