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Katie Hopkins
Columnist @MailOnline. LBC presenter Sunday mornings 10-12. Fired Lord Sugar. Gained & lost 3.5 stones proving fat people are lazy.
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.@KTHopkins: Trump, Breitbart, #DailyMail, etc. just use problems to get support, clicks, etc. *Smart*, *sane* *solutions* are ignored.
.@KTHopkins: situation in Sweden is enabled by those like Trump, Breitbart, #DailyMail, etc. They can't even conceive of solving problems.
.@KTHopkins: you took a trip to Sweden & generally support Trump's take. Except he didn't really have a take. He lied or got mistaken.
Even if they aren't! Cuz conservatives don't care about truth. MT @s_makeme746 @KTHopkins if they call you #racist then call them #Marxist!
On her #LBC show (apparently some English thing), @KTHopkins admits she's used to being called "racist" & "thick". #Trump2016 #Brexit #tcot
.@KTHopkins can gain 42lbs, lose 42lbs, gain it back, lose it again. She'll still be English. #FatAndBack #DualSurvival #tcot #teaparty #ows