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Margaret Talev
Washington, DC
@axios Politics & White House Editor @CNN Political Analyst, @HarvardIOP @WHCA @washpressclub @merrillcollege alum Send WH and #2020 tips
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From @alaynatreene
Trump campaign announces Manchester rally the night before the Democratic primary in New Hampshire
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@alaynatreene @margarettalev Trump is a troll
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.@bfconnors: Trump won because those like @margarettalev never asked him even slightly tough policy questions; doing that would have exposed him for the fraud he is to his base. Now, she gets a VIP tour of Bloomberg HQ, all without asking policy questions. She's the problem.
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From @margarettalev
Today @realDonaldTrump spoke with Bloomberg's John Micklethwait, me and @JenniferJJacobs and made news on everythin…
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.@margarettalev: you had a nice tea with Trump. I'd challenge him on how his "wall" would fail (Congress will tear it down) and on how his bans have made the USA less safe. Trump only chats with those who won't challenge him, and you very much qualify. #Bloomberg #CNN