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Norwood, PA
I'm a ride or die kinda girl. #Dedicated My tweets are for #mypresident 😎 #NotARussianBot #NotABot #TrumpTrain #lovemypresident #MAGA #ProudAmerican NO DM'S!!
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If anyone doubts the real problem of #MediaBias, consider the contemptuous coverage of @MELANIATRUMP visiting the b…
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@MedvedSHOW @MELANIATRUMP @FLOTUS She wore it on the plane, and took it off- no need for a jacket in Texas.
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.@Kate4Djt: FYI, 4 years ago @MedvedSHOW smeared soccer as USA was in the #WorldCup. Now we aren't. He pushed NFL instead. Are you a big NFL fan like Mike & would you also cheer against the USA team if they were in the tournament?