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Author, analyst, 3-gun shooter and activist. Followed by candidates, radio hosts, authors, patriots. The 2nd American Revolution starts here! #copolitics
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From @LelasEllen
RT @JamesViser: @jaredpolis's statement on "gun violence" reads like a high school essay with the prompt: "Explain in 1000 words or less ho…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@LelasEllen @JamesViser: I've been after Jared Polis for a *decade* for accepting the MX govt's "quisling award" (the Ohtli). In all that time, I don't think I've ever gotten any help from conservatives. Can you help me understand why?
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From @JamesViser
Funny, because Bernie would tax @jaredpolis back to the serf economy #copolitics #cogov
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This might explain his 6 terms -> @JamesViser Funny, because Bernie would tax @jaredpolis back to the serf economy// #COPolitics #Colorado
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.@JamesViser: your #Koch / fiscal con obsessions don't resonate. Stop @jaredpolis the smart & patriotic way: over #immigration. #MAGA