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ONLY ONE WAY TO THE FATHER ❤️ JESUS CHRIST IS GOD ❤️ Bringing Poetry back one rhyme at a time 🤓#KarenRenéPryorPoems✍🏼 #KarenRenéPryorTruth⚔️
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RT @GeorgiaDirtRoad: "He's going to get funding for the wall, he's going to get an end to chain migration, he's going to get merit-based mi…
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So far just $1.6 bil, 10x that or more is needed. He had to cut deals to get that, what will he have to do to get the rest? After Trump leaves, what will keep next pres from tearing it all down? MT @KarenRenePryor RT @GeorgiaDirtRoad: "He's going to get funding for the wall..."