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.@WendyOsefo: if @TuckerCarlson claims Trump Wall won't work, he loses #MAGA. If he does, ask him what'll keep next Pres from tearing it down. Very strong forces that oppose it now will move to tear it down later. We'll have spent billions for nothing. #MAGA? @justincaruso2
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Joining @TuckerCarlson during the 8pm hour to discuss #DACA and the #DreamAct. Join us!!
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.@WendyOsefo: per @justincaruso2, @TuckerCarlson "trolled" you "Over Comparison Between Immigration And College Admissions", specifically mentioning Trump Wall. There are easy ways to pay both back and show them wrong to their fans. Get Carlson to claim that Trump Wall would...
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Low-watt fratpunk @justincaruso2 seems to specialize in hyping intensely-stupid, ineffective, childish tantrums against #CNN like in "WATCH: Roy Moore Supporter Yells β€˜Fake News’ At CNN Reporter On Air [VIDEO]". Goal: get idiots to support #DailyCaller sugardads real objectives.