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Judson Phillips
secret undisclosed location
Writer for @WashTimes, Blogger, Novelist, #TCOT #TeaParty #UniteRight
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From @24aheaddotcom
.@rainteaparty: @AmyKremer 's #Teaparty Express got $$ from the loose borders #Koch bros (one of whom joined with Soros to fund the ACLU!)
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From @rainteaparty
howmuchhasBarackhobama=sinisTerdemsbeenpaiddemocratsunconstitutionalimmigrationreformThowing @24AheadDotCom Americansunderthebus @AmyKremer
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From @rainteaparty
don't smear spread BarackhObama democrat Lies @24AheadDotCom about the tea party @AmyKremer @judsonphillips
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From @24aheaddotcom_
@judsonphillips writes idiotic WaPo article, commenters show how he's wrong: #TimeSaverForMe #teaparty #tcot #p2