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Lisa Hanawalt
Los Angeles, CA
Tuca & Bertie // BoJack Horseman // Coyote Doggirl // Hot Dog Taste Test // Baby Geniuses podcast //
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From @lisadraws
I’ve been trying to put together a list of other adult (not children’s!) animated shows created by women. Am I miss…
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From @kristenschaaled
@lisadraws Bless The Hearts by Emily Spivey! About to air on FOX soon.
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From @lisadraws
@kristenschaaled I’m really excited about this one!! Amazing cast!
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From @kristenschaaled
@lisadraws And hunky writers! @BlomquistRich
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@kristenschaaled @BlomquistRich: #LastManOnEarth started OK but went way, way downhill quick. Unlike LMOE, #BlessTheHarts is horrific from the start. Stop polluting the culture.