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Waco, Texas Conservative
MAGA Conservative, Coach, ex college baseball player, gun owner, love kids, love dogs, Vegas, golf, Dodge Truck, Followed by General Flynn & Dana Perino!πŸ‡¨πŸ‡±
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From @JstanleyStanley
RT @FAIRImmigration: β€œWE NEED AN IMMIGRATION POLICY THAT PUTS AMERICAN WORKERS FIRST," said @RickSantorum this weekend at the #IAFreedomSum…
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.@JstanleyStanley: Santorum is bad on #immigration, and @FAIRImmigration doesn't have what it takes to make him better.
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.@irritatedwoman: if r/w leaders had helped me, Nowrasteh would have much less influence. Ask them about it. @RobinDallasTX @JstanleyStanley
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How @MarcoRubio tries to deceive you: @kylejsaville @AlexConant @JstanleyStanley @franriggs @akconservative9 #GOP