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Junji Tatsuno
Why is the @SenateGOP working for the Executive Branch? What happened to #ChecksAndBalances, #Article1. @McConnellPress has to go
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From @fema
(8/21) If you’re in the path of #HurricaneLane, get ready now and make sure your family and neighbors do as well. C…
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From @jtatsuno
@fema @NWSHonolulu So FEMA failed Puerto Rico, an island. How will FEMA respond to Hawaii?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@jtatsuno: this is a clear example of @FEMA 's gross incompetence. So far, I haven't seen anyone trying to call them on such a clear example even #MAGA could understand it. Contact MSM reporters & urge them to really press #FEMA on this.