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Katie Carroll
Tuscaloosa, AL
i say roll tide an aggressive amount. loves almond m&m’s, charcuterie boards, and Pope Francis. Colossians 3:12. “be extraordinary.”
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From @calebecarma
NEW by me -- CPAC Threatened to Ban Mediaite After Seb Gorka Complaint: ‘The F*cking Thinnest of F*cking Ice’
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From @HRHKatieCarroll
@calebecarma your coverage of cpac is the best part of cpac tbh
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@HRHKatieCarroll: I was banned at #Mediaite for no real reason after I was brigaded. #CPAC2019 trying to ban @calebecarma is coming from the same place. You can't oppose one without opposing the other.