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Cyber-security Reporter for BBC News. Covering hacking, privacy, data security, online safety, gaming and everything internet. 📱🖥️📡. SIGNAL+447397938634
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From @BBCdandamon
How do targeted social media ads work? How do they target you? The BBC's cyber security reporter @joetidy has found…
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From @anomalyuk
@BBCdandamon @alistaircoleman @joetidy Just to state the absolutely bleeding obvious, you can't reach hard right gr…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
This is all about $ ("far right" = brexit = costing billionaires money) & power (SJWs want to forbid dissent). MT @anomalyuk [points out such phrases get opponents] MT @BBCdandamon [hypes BBC Honecker-level blog trying to restrict ad target phrases]
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From @joetidy
NEW: Twitter apologises for letting ads target neo-Nazis and bigots. I successfully ran a series of adverts on Twit…
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From @SunnySkyes53
@joetidy @jbgene You mean that Twitter allows you to target by political affiliation or say for example animal love…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Tidy is what you people fought against in WWII (& we had to save you): a totalitarian who wants to quash dissent. Those who use "islamophobe" are either the far-left, or any critic (80%) of SJWs like Joe MT @SunnySkyes53 MT @joetidy [blogs Twitter lets ads target "hate groups"]