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Dr. Joel B. Carboni
United States
Founder of Green Project Management, advocate for the UN #SDGs and President of the International Project Management Association - USA
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From @realDonaldTrump
Jobs are kicking in and companies are coming back to the U.S. Unnecessary regulations and high taxes are being dram…
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From @joelcarboni
@realDonaldTrump Why can’t I write off my business travel anymore you f$&@ing idiot? Small business hates you and your #taxscam
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From @brentwwise
@joelcarboni @realDonaldTrump By the way I own two small businesses and I will pay my fair share proudly
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From @joelcarboni
@brentwwise @realDonaldTrump I pay my fair share. I also count on the deductions that I have had in the past. Why c…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Who are you asking & would their reply have any impact? Why don't you start a campaign to get #CNN hosts to *really* press Trump proxies on that? Then you'd have a real impact. MT @joelcarboni Why can one write off a private jet and not commercial travel?