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Joe Ferguson
Tucson, Arizona
Pima County Constable. Justice Precinct 9.
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Dear @CNN, I am been covering @MarthaMcSally for the @TucsonStat since 2014 - I am ready and willing to be your loc…
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Typos are important to you. Pols who push anti-American policies like the DREAM Act are important to me. You're a perfect local, small-market stooge for the #AZSen debate. MT @joeferguson Dear CNN, I am been covering MarthaMcSally for the TucsonStat since 2014 [more BS]
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.@joeferguson: there are 500 million in SouthAm, >5 billion in countries poorer than Mex. When will you ask Hess how many he'd let in? #AZ