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Jeanne Kelly
Ranelagh, Dublin, Ireland
Parent. Tech/Data privacy lawyer. Board Member of Business to Arts. Enthusiast, mostly. 🇪🇺 Mullingarite.
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From @Damokieran
What better time to announce a new opening in Twitter’s Office of Data Protection in Dublin than at #ICDPPC2019 ! I…
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From @jmkirl
@Damokieran No better city in the world, at least this side of the pond, to do this work IMHO. Commutes like this a…
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From @pebender
@Damokieran @vijaya Rather than pretending you care about privacy, why don't you fix your current violations of sec…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@jmkirl: do you speak a foreign language? Do this: login to Twitter with a test account. Look at all the replies to foreign leaders that Twitter censors ("Show more replies" = censored). @Damokieran helps leaders - some dictators - escape from accountability worldwide.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@pebender: you say Twitter violates security re "CA BPC 17602(c)". The California renewal law (??) or something else? Also, Twitter censored your reply to Damokieran.