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Joanne Kenen
Exec Editor, Health, POLITICO. Health policy & politics -- birth, death and everything in between. RTs... the usual
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From @JoanneKenen
Never forget sharpiegate! Trump’s #coronavirus musings put scientists on edge - from me -- via @politico
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From @flax_flower
@JoanneKenen @politico And raking leaves from the forest.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@flax_flower: you enable @JoanneKenen hyping "sharpiegate". Did it have any impact on Trump's popularity? Did anyone say "because of it I won't support Trump"? You enable someone whose only goal is clicks to keep her job. She has no interest in/ability to hold Trump accountable
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From @JoanneKenen
Pence made clear that HHS has designated coronavirus tests as an Essential Health Benefit so health plans, Medicare…
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From @DaniaPal
@JoanneKenen There’s also no EHB requirement in Medicare and the EHB only is required in Medicaid for the expansion…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@DaniaPal: Trump is like a baseball team without outfielders. His loudest opponents - @JoanneKenen on up - are like a team that only bunts to them. People like you cheer that obviously incompetent team. It'd be incredibly easy for the smart & patriotic to hold Trump accountable