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sunny skies ahead
Concerned with what is happening in U.K. Europe & Canada. America Dodged a Bullet. Protect U.S.A's History & Culture, Live & Let Live. MAGA. Stop Anti White BS
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From @JxhnBinder
Majority of GOP Voters (And Plurality of All Likely Voters): Trump, Congress Should Deal with Illegal Immigration F…
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From @JMesarch
@JxhnBinder @AnnCoulter Yep … It's the Economy stupid (remember that), no longer, now "It's the Immigration Stupid" …
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@JMesarch: @JxhnBinder keeps pushing amnesty as "pro-American". Read Trump's Daily Caller interview where he wants to work with Dems on "comprehensive immigration reform" (i.e., amnesty). Have Binder or Breitbart called Trump on that?