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Kevin Egan
😁 Studio host and match commentator 🏆 Proud voice of 2018 MLS Champs @ATLUTD on @foxsportssouth 🎮 eMLS & ELEAGUE Host / Caster 📸 kev_egan on Instagram
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There are many champions. But only true icons rewrite history. This is when Kings Become Legends …
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From @kev_egan
@ATLUTD Incredible
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From @MariaBaumstark
@ATLUTD We definitely win the award for best hype videos. Amazing. #UniteAndConquer #ATLUTD
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@MariaBaumstark: first @ATLUTD playoff match is on Univision & a Canadian channel. The 2nd (if any) is on ESPN2. But: the 3rd (if any) is hidden on an obscure Murdoch channel 10s of millions don't get. Like MLB, MLS sells out to Murdoch knowing he'll marginalize them.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@kev_egan: MLB greatly harms baseball by selling out to Murdoch. He'd rather show NFL than a key ALCS game. Likewise, @ATLUTD & #MLS greatly harm #soccer by selling out to Murdoch so he can marginalize the sport on an obscure cable channel 10s of millions don't get.