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Houston, TX
Global sojourner, Texoradoan. #BU & #SAIS grad. libertarian. Fighter for my autistic son. Broken & flawed, but saved by Grace. Finding joy in my journey.
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From @nickgillespie
Blinded by xenophobic rage, the GOP and conservatives are calling for the creation of the very surveillance state t…
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From @kobrien_scribe
@nickgillespie @nytimes I’d like to see immigration laws enforced dispassionately and fairly. That doesn’t equate to xenophobic rage.
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From @JJhkYank
@nickgillespie @reason @nytimes It’s secured borders not “closed borders’, and enforcing the law not xenophobia; an…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@JJhkYank: see If you really care about these issues, then evaluate why those like you weren't helping me when I showed Gillespie etc wrong 100s of times & got vilely smeared. Those like you - if not you personally - are scum.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@kobrien_scribe: Breitbart comments are 99% "xenophobic rage". Real leaders educate, channel that into healthy, smart, big tent avenues such as undercutting Gillespie & other Koch hacks using big tent arguments. Demagogues like Trump just rile up #MAGA, *helping* Koch hacks.