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Soccer Never Sleeps ⚽️🚫💤
Red Bank, NJ
🇺🇸. 🇲🇽Mom/🇮🇪Dad. Attorney. #ElTriEng, #USMNT, #RBNY, #Chivas, #Arsenal and all things ⚽️. Yes, I actually watch European football, #MLS AND #LigaMXeng!
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From @SebiSalazarFUT
What’s the point of this question @AlexiLalas? To prove how many boys on twitter think it’s cool to trash women/wom…
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From @JerseyJonathan
@SebiSalazarFUT @AlexiLalas I'm not even sure #MLS would survive w/o the subsidization they get from #USSoccer via #SUM.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@JerseyJonathan: localities heavily subsidize NFL/NBA via stadium giveaways, etc. We should subsidize at least #USWNT & #USMNT. Losing to Trinidad and/or Tobago should be a national embarrassment.