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Antonio Andino Jr
Caguas, PR
#Awake #Obey #Supreme #PizzaLover de #Caguas 😂 #GodFirst #Filacnation and the future is bright. No todo lo que se publica en #Twitter es #Verdad.
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A languishing hospital in Vieques is only one example of how rebuilding has stagnated in Puerto Rico nearly a year…
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@PatriciaMazzei @DavidBegnaud But former security chief had a salary of $150,000.00 annually and former Chief of De…
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@PatriciaMazzei @DavidBegnaud By the way Julia Keleher got Pat annually more than the Vice President of the most po…
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.@filacnation: indeed, PR is just 100x35. It took Trump a week+ to get small teams to each of ~350 settlements on an island smaller than CT. His incompetence is bigger than AK. On the plus side (for Trump) those like @PatriciaMazzei have never & will never hold him accountable.