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US now, Brazil always.
Latin America and Caribbean editor @nytimes.
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An ICE raid cleared immigrants from this Texas town. Who took the jobs at the local meatpacking plant? Hint: not Am…
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@jbarbassa @NickMiroff @RoyBeck_NUSA @kausmickey @Drewbueno I'll take anecdotes that affirm my implacable shilling…
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.@OddLane: @RoyBeck_NUSA @kausmickey & @Drewbueno are zero help against those like jbarbassa. They have no plan to engage those like her in debate & undercut them to those taken in. They just entertain their echo chambers to bring in donations. They're just scammers. #MAGA
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@jbarbassa of @AssociatedPress promotes worker exploitation, unsafe work conditions: #tlot #p2 #tcot #sgp #ocra