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Deep in the heart of Texas
Native Texan. Lovin' my Jesus,married, #2A #ProLife #ProIsrael #MAGA followed by @seanhannity @DineshDSouza @GenFlynn @Harlan @cvpayne BLOCK Libs
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.@DartLucy @JaniceTXBlessed: Trump could easily make smart arguments that'd undercut amnesty-supporting Dem leaders to their base. That'd make supporting amnesty & illegal immigration politically toxic. Why isn't he doing that? #MAGA
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RT @JaniceTXBlessed: Well, Ann, he's trying. He can't go out & build the damned thing by himself. Why don't you badmouth Congress instead f…
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Trump certainly acted like it, didn't he? Did he ever say "I'll build the Wall if Congress approves"? Why isn't he pushing a smart wall? #MAGA MT @DartLucy RT @JaniceTXBlessed: Well, Ann, he's trying. [Trump] can't go out & build [The Wall] by himself