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Jane Boon, Ph.D.
LA for the weather. NYC for my sanity.
Writer/engineer | Curious about the intersection of tech & culture | Writing a novel about the intersection of BDSM & Wall St. | My husband: @NPearlstine
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Status update: After 16 years at The New York Times, including 7 years as editor of ⁦@NYTStyles⁩, I am joining the…
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@StuartEmmrichNY @NYTStyles @NPearlstine So glad you'll be joining @LATimes -- Norm has spoken so highly about you and your work!!!
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.@JaneEBoon: let's say a paper not only ignored that a politician was a KKK leader, but kept on hyping that leader & covering up his past. Villar was a MEChA leader, a group with similar beliefs to the KKK. @StuartEmmrichNY 's LAT consistently covered it up. Be a real liberal.