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Bio: undeserved gift! Married 32 yrs to a Ret. USMC KC-130J Pilot. Mom to 3 +1 daughter-in-law. God, Family, & Country. Support Our Troops🇺🇸 *Psalm 91
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New: Anti-Trump fever takes threatening turn.
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@ByronYork @MmePB Who else remembers Maxine Waters aggressively telling supporters to “get up in their face” meanin…
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.@JamieRJN: I remember Maxine Waters saying that, Obama saying similar things, & Trump offering to pay the legal bills of those who attack dissenters at his rallies. I opposed all of those things, who in #MAGA & #TheResistance can say the same?
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Like Eric Trump dehumanizing opponents? MT @JamieRJN @PotluckPolitico We also remember #NeverTrump using rhetoric that led to #Alexandria