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.@JamesMelville: if you have an argument, craft questions based on how you think opponents are wrong. Then ask them of Trump's top proxies.
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.@JamesMelville: your tweet makes you look good to your base, but will have 0 impact on anything Trump does. Your mindset is foreign to me.
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RT @cfeldman1: If you missed @AnnCoulter today on #KNXINDEPTH, catch entire hour tonight at 8. @KNX1070 @CBSLA @KNXSimpson @cfeldman1
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.@ronkil @KNXDavid: @cfeldman1 isn't a real journalist or a patriot: #KNXINDEPTH #KNX #radio #LosAngeles
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You posture to your crowd, exactly like Trump does. Raise the bar. MT @JamesMelville: A question for Trump: Which one is transgender?