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Boston, Lake Winnipesaukee NH
Retired Suburban Boston Firefighter/EMTP, proud Blue Star parent, Boston Strong!
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From @mitchellvii
I would not be surprised, if Trump announces a National Emergency during SOTU, that the entire Democrat Party, incl…
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From @jakieemma
@mitchellvii They are hoping for it...Trump will screw this up for sure.
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From @babysgramma
@jakieemma @mitchellvii What's to screw up? Trump declares emergency we get the wall. Win win
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@babysgramma: like Giuliani, @mitchellvii support a national biometric ID card. What about you? Do you want to help with a key NWO goal, just to enable Trump? Trump could really hurt Pelosi, Gillibrand, etc if he made smart arguments against amnesty. Why isn't Bill urging that?